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We are a group of people passionate about life and about you. 

We are leaders in our field and are here to help.

"Be like the sun"

Marie Kondo

What Do We Do

We help you see life more clearly. We enable a life filled with more JOY in your homes, your workplaces and in your relationships.

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Why We Do It

We genuinely care. We love people and connection and we want you to thrive and feel incredible always.

Where We Do It

Wherever is needed. We can come to your home, your workplace, we can work online.

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Whenever you are ready. This is a client led process that is here to support you.

With Whom

If you're feeling an itch to get something done, to change what's not working, or to simplify and build on something that is, then we are here to help.

About Us

We are all fully qualified and certified KonMari Consultants trained by Marie Kondo and her education team, and we all live in the UK and are members of APDO (the UK’s membership association for decluttering and organising professionals). Between us we have hours and hours, years and years of experience. We have travelled the world serving clients and corporations alike. We have been featured in publications and broadcasts and there is much more to come...

....this is where, when and how we began The Spark Joy Collective

The KonMari History



Marie Kondo started offering training in the KonMari Method® in Japan as a way of helping her own clients who had completed their tidying festival to reach out and help other people discover the same life changing experience.



New York in the USA saw the official launch of the Consultant Certification Course with Marie Kondo along with her husband Takumi as Co-founder.

Following the success of the programme in New York and the demand for training, more Consultants were trained in San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Four of our team trained in the USA.


United Kingdom

Amongst growing popularity and global interest, the Consultant Certification Course was rolled out to help facilitate the training of consultants in Europe, with the UK being the first country outside of USA to receive training in the KonMari Method®, as well as continuing to train consultants in the USA.

By 2020 many students had enrolled on the consultant certification course, many of whom were trained in the UK.

Five of our team trained in the UK.



Saw the launch of the Virtual Consultant Certification Courses, training over 600 consultants-to-be in the KonMari Method®, from 60 countries.

One of our team trained globally online.


Marie Kondo Publications & TV









2010 (First book) 

The life-changing Magic of Tidying Up – The Japanese Art of Decluttering & Organising.

2011 (Second book)

Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on The Art of Organising & Tidying Up.

2017 (Third book)

The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up


2019 (Fourth book)

Kiki & Jax – The Life-Changing Magic of Friendship

Netflix (Series 1)

2019 Tidying Up With Marie Kondo (an Emmy® awards Nominee)

2020 (Fifth book)

Joy @ Work by Marie Kondo & Scott Soneshein

Netflix (Series 2)

2021 Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

2022 (Sixth book)

Marie Kondo’s Kurashi at Home

Our Team

This Is Us. We are awesome. Come find out.

Our Latest Blogs

Marie Kondo's latest book 'Kurashi at Home: A Visual Guide to Creating a Home and Life That Sparks Joy Every Day' is due for release in November.


It is not unusual to be overrun by emails and the first step here is to have a good clear out of your inbox. 

Marie Kondo's 'The KonMari Method' is not about minimalism, nor about having a Pinterest perfect house, or an Insta-worthy lifestyle.


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