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  • Jenny Hayes

Clutter can be overwhelming - but tackling it head on after Christmas is your best bet

Christmas comes and goes again in a flash, and when the festive foods have been polished off and the last drop of prosecco has been drank, many of us are left staring at your rather limp-looking Christmas tree, desperate to clear up the endless presents lying around and all the post-festive clutter.

If you're feeling stressed by the post-Christmas mess, on top of the clutter that already existed in your home before the festivities began, it may be time for a New Year overhaul. Sometimes, being organised and clearing your space can seem like an impossible task, but Mimi Bogelund from The Spark Joy Collective has shared the two-step tidying process with make things a whole lot easier, and will motivate you to clean your home and prepare for 2023.

The organisation guru said that you need to think of tidying as a two-step process in order to accomplish what you want to - as it makes it far less overwhelming.

Mimi suggested that first, you need to declutter and remove what you don't need from the space in question, temporarily putting things back where they were. Then, you'll start to see your space differently and you'll be ready to get organised. She said: "Trying to solve a messy space problem by organising often ends up with us shoving it all back in, or wasting money on containers we don't need.” Of course, labelled containers are very tempting when you're trying to get yourself organised - but there are better ways to de-clutter your space.

Mimi also suggested deciding on items you want to get rid of, and getting rid of them on Facebook Marketplace. She explained: "A friend decluttered before a house move and a Ukrainian family has furnished their new home as a result." It's a win-win situation!

When it comes to things that are broken, however, dumping items that can't be fixed is best - Mimi suggests your local recycling centre. She even claims that worn-out damaged bits 'send out negative energy and a feeling of neglect', so it's best to get rid of them. Mimi stated: "Clear the space they take up and you’ll feel lighter and clear-headed.”

If you really want to commit to living a life that is more organised, Mimi says it's best to ditch the 'bag for life way of tidying' and give everything a proper home. Mimi said: "You know the one, a quick sweep of everything into a bag before guests arrive, to be sorted later. You’ll mostly likely have a host of bags you don't want to even look in. "The way out of it is to give everything a proper home so next time you want to clear up fast, it takes seconds to put things away. "Need to tackle the bags? Empty them all, sort them into categories, and keep what you love and need."

Also, if you have clothes that don't fit anymore, Mimi says you should store them away from other items in your wardrobe, and come back to them if you ever change size again. This will ensure you 'only keep what makes you feel great'.

Published in The Mirror, written by Danielle Kate Wroe, December 2022

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