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  • Linda Gelens

Kurashi At Home: A Visual Guide to Creating a Home and Life That Sparks Joy Every Day

Marie Kondo's new book 'Kurashi at Home' is due to hit the high street this November in the UK.

Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying guru, has a new book 'Kurashi at Home’, a beautifully illustrated coffee table book, coming out November 15th, 2022 ...just in time for Christmas. A veritable feast for the eye, heart and soul. It is spilling over with visual illustrations, which will appeal to all the right brain learners amongst us.

This new book builds on the simple, essential message of her first book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying' but it pushes the boundaries. “Kurashi at Home” invites you not only to ask what Sparks Joy in your possessions but what Sparks Joy in your life. Kurashi roughly translates to “way of life” or “the ideal way of spending our time". In Marie’s own words "My new book, 'Kurashi at Home,' is filled with inspirational visuals to show you what applying the KonMari Method®™ to every aspect of your life can look like. I created this book as a guide for both those who have already adopted the KonMari Method®™ and those who might be new to the philosophy. My hope is that readers can learn how to visualise their ideal life so that their homes, activities and relationships can spark joy every day."

This new book is a personal invitation to take her philosophy one step further. From the moment you wake, through your day, until you fall back into bed in the evening “Kurashi at Home” invites, encourages and shows you in simple steps how you can choose to live your best life by applying the principles of “spark joy “to every aspect of your existence.

The book is bursting, in a beautiful, calming yet energising way with practical ideas, and hacks. The only limits are your imagination but Marie has heaps of it. Her book is beautiful, encouraging, and it is willing you to live your best life.

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