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  • Rebecca Jo Rushdy

The 15 best closet organizers shoppers love that make room for everything

If you're also working with a small closet and a lot of clothes, keep calm: we're in the exact same boat and we've solved it. Whether it's an empty closet in your tiny apartment or something you can actually step into (we're jealous!), there's always space for improvement when it comes to organizing your closet. And no, we're not talking about hiring a pro organizer to come over to your home — if only the budget allowed — instead we're telling you to buy a closet organizer.

Your closet is probably stuffed with clothes, purses, shoes, hats, and out-of-season outfits. Essentially, this hidden space holds some of your most prized possessions. Whether you're a little stretched for space or you're just fed up with it looking like a hot mess (it's not very motivational on a Monday morning, is it?) then stay with us.

The 15 closet organizers featured below aren't just approved by team Real Homes, but we've only included closet organizers that shoppers rate highly. And the ones that reviewers say have made their lives easier. While we haven't tested these closet organizers just yet, you can relax knowing the verdict is already in, and they are fab. We've listed everything from specially designed buys to keep your shoes in order, to closet organizers to add more shelving to your home (without drilling any holes into your walls. Genius! Renters, small-space dwellers, and anyone on a budget, let's jump in.


We've been chatting with organization experts to get an answer to how you should organize your closet — especially if it's small. Hester Van Hien from Tidylicious (who is also part of The Spark Joy Collective) told us to "divide your items into categories, and keep categories separate by using storage boxes and/or dividers." This is a great place to start once you've done some decluttering and sent some items to your local thrift store. "So if you store socks and underwear in the same drawer, keep the socks separate from the underwear" she adds. "If categories mix, a drawer can start to look messy. And mess usually attracts mess, making your drawer look cluttered" she finishes saying. So, keeping everything separated it is! Bearing in mind there are so many closet organizers out there, this should be easy peasy. And, you might want to grab your label maker out.

Published in Real Homes, written by ANNIE COLLYER, March 2023

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