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  • Jenny Hayes

Things We'd Never Have In A Bathroom

When asked "What Things Would You Never Have In Your Bathroom?" these were are answers...

  • Scales - keep that imposition away! Enjoy the space you have to deeply nurture and honour yourself and your body to the max. If you must have them put them in a cupboard

Jenny Hayes

  • I would never have out of date toiletries and toiletries that I didn’t use in my bathroom. Space is often at a premium in bathrooms and so toiletries that have been opened a long time should go. It’s often a safety issue, for example sun screen degrades after it’s been open a while, and some quite nasty bacteria can breed on toiletries that have been open too long. Equally, toiletries that you just don’t use (maybe they were given as a gift, or bought as an experiment), just take up space. If you’re not going to use them, let them go!

Rosie Barron

  • Carpet in a bathroom is a big no, no as it’s impossible to clean certain undesirable stains and spillage, making it so unhygienic. If you want something warm under foot, choose tiles with underfloor heating or a less costly option is a type of vinyl. Both choices offer so many different options in terms of an up to date look.

  • A pedestal mat of any kind around the sink or loo area. It’s a fact that all sorts of things will drip and be soaked up by the mat, making it highly unhygienic.

  • Precious artwork or framed pictures. Bathrooms get steamy and over time steam is likely cause damage. Why risk it if it’s something you really love.

  • Too many ornaments, or toiletries for that matter. Not only do you have to move them but also wipe each one when you clean and let’s face it, cleaning the bathroom isn’t most peoples favourite thing to do so the easier it is to do, the better. Instead using decorative containers that are also useful for cotton buds, bath oils etc.

  • No back stock of toiletries. Use up what you’ve got before shopping for shampoo or shower gel. It’ll cut down waste to zero, save you money, eliminate clutter, create space and if you get caught without either product, dip into those hotel samples you’ve saved for - when exactly?

  • Old towels. Everyone does it, we buy new towels but the old ones stick around taking up space and cluttering up precious space. If you’re saving them for other uses like dog towels or DIY rags, move them out right away. One set of towels out and one set in the wash, plus a couple for guests, is plenty.

Mimi Bogelund

  • Miniature toiletry bottles from hotels - cute as they may be take up a lot of space and create plastic waste. Chances are you won’t get around to using them either.

  • Anything that belongs in another room (don’t put it down, put it away)

  • Bath toys that have seen their best days - go through on a regular basis and check if there are bath toys that your children have outgrown, are broken or are accumulating black mould.

  • Piles of dirty laundry - if you keep it in your bathroom, make sure there’s a laundry bin in place.

Victoria Nicholson

  • We don’t often get time to ourselves and having a shower or bath is a great time for a little bit of self indulgence so clear away any bottles that aren’t in use to create a nicer space to enjoy. Having lots of half used or empty bottles of shower gels, shampoos and conditioners balanced around the side of the bath or in the shower looks cluttered and makes the bathroom more difficult to keep clean. I only ever keep the products that are currently in use in the bathroom and then switch to a new bottle once I’ve finished the current one – it prevents there being too much in a small space.

  • I also keep miniature toiletries from hotels and toiletry gifts in with my holiday luggage rather than in the bathroom. I find they never get used at home and I always used to forget to take them on holidays and weekends away – keeping them with my holiday bags means I always remember them!

Sue Spencer

  • Do you ever wish your bathroom was like a peaceful spa – we can dream can’t we! The ages and the number of people who share your bathroom will often determine how your bathroom looks, feels, and smells! But do remember that this is usually the last pace you visit before bed and the first place you go to in the morning so you want it to be a very functional and easy room to be in.

  • Take a photo of your bathroom as it is now (nothing hidden). If you have drawers and baskets in there then take a picture of their contents too. This will give you an image to reflect upon to help you make the best use of the space you have.

  • When looking at your images decide if you think the bathroom is the best place to keep the items you have in there. For example, a spare toilet roll is a very useful item to have, but do you need 18 of them on show. You will more than likely find other items that you have either bought or been gifted that you know you are never going to use. This is the time to let them go with gratitude.

  • If you want to recreate a beautiful bathroom, think practical, beautiful, calm, and simple. Think simple storage, whether that be boxes, baskets or drawers. Keeping only those items that you need and will use will more than likely free up more space and make it easier to find things.

Jane Fern

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