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  • Jenny Hayes

What Does A Messy Room Say About Your Personality, If Anything?

  • Some people (I am one of them) can very quickly create mess. I need very simple systems that help me to stay tidy. If something takes more than a couple of steps to get something out or put something away then I will avoid doing it. I don’t think you can categorise personality types by how messy they are. We are all so individually wired which makes us all so interesting.

Jane Fern

  • I’m not sure what a messy room says about your personality but I do know that if you are messy, tidyness is a skill that can be learned (I’m living proof of that!)

Victoria Nicholson

  • It’s not about your personality as such. Some of us have different qualities that support the way we live - like order, rhythm and ritual. Others of us have other qualities.

  • Being ‘messy’ is often a reflection of the messiness inside our heads or in our lives in general.

  • However we behave with our things in our homes is a greater reflection of how we are in life at large...Are we tending to the little things? On top of the bills? Chaotic in our friendships?...Gently and lovingly we can make a change to all of these things across the board.

Jenny Hayes

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