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As experienced Professional Organisers, we are called in to help in many different circumstances, assisting a wide variety of clients but commonly individuals will seek our help when they face a time of transition in their lives or when they experience feelings of overwhelm.  Incidentally the two are not exclusive!


This is feeling often arises when a person has, for example, a mound of paperwork or wardrobes so full of clothes that they just don’t know where to make a start (and perhaps have time constraints) but also when other areas of life become so busy that they just need to simplify across the board.


Transition, change or cross-roads in life

At the heart of this is the need for our possessions and clothing to reflect the person we are today.

Examples could include

- a new addition to the family

- following a bereavement

- return to work or new job

- following a divorce or separation

- house move or downsize (before and after)

- preparing for retirement

- home renovation or decoration

- change in weight or body shape

- wardrobe refresh



Sometimes individuals contact us when they are ready to be surrounded by the things they love most …

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